About Unitron

At Unitron, we care deeply about people with hearing loss. We work closely with hearing healthcare professionals to provide hearing solutions that improve lives in meaningful ways.

Because hearing matters.



Enjoy conversations

In a busy restaurant, you’ll clearly hear everything your companion is saying with Moxi2 Pro and Quantum2 Pro automatically zoning in on speech from any direction

and fading distracting noises into the background.

Be entertainedMoxiKiss_Dominique_profile_72

Experience TV directly from your hearing aids, no wires required. Hear shows clearly without turning up the volume so loud that it impacts the enjoyment of others.

Relax at home

Moxi2 Pro and Quantum2 Pro eliminates irritating background noises, like the air conditioner running, so you can focus on enjoying your downtime without distraction.

Love the phone

When you hold your home phone or cell phone up to your hearing aid, Moxi2 Pro and Quantum2 Pro automatically transmits the caller’s voice to both ears for a clear,

effortless conversation.

Savor downtime

When you’re catching up online, reading a book or relaxing on your sofa, Moxi2 Pro and Quantum2 Pro automatically ensures that irritating background sounds, like the

dishwasher running, won’t distract you.

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